mediaTOUCH Digital Signage and Kiosk tablet with modified OS
part# MS-601

mediaTOUCH 10.1 inch for signage and touch


special offer

plug and play | OS pre-baked with SignagePlayer and Controller

Choose from mediaTOUCH Tablet only, Metal kiosk mount only or complete combo package

tech details
  • Display Size 10.1" 1920x1200 full viewing angle, full HD Ratio 16:10
  • CPU speed Quad-core 1.8GHz Rockchip 3288 Cortex A17
  • Signage local cache 32GB and 2GB of 2GB DDR
  • Signage based custom built on top of Android 4.4
  • G-Sensor,Gyro, compass, light sensor, camera 2M/8M, flashlight
  • Micro SD slot
  • HDMI output mini HDMI port x1
  • Earphone jacj, DC-IN jack 120V power supply to 5V 5.5A
  • Microphone, two Speaker, GPS, Bluetooth
  • Wifi 802.11b/g/n (Ethernet sold separately)
  • Battery 8800mAh *3.8V =33.44Wh
  • Weight 580g | 248*174*10.8 mm

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  • #

    Full screen | user disabled exit options | edge slide disabled

    special OS engineered for the SignagePlayer

    Supports both Digital Signage & Kiosk modes

    Dedicated power connection included

    Signage & touch

    one device | two solutions

    Engage with your customers, communicate with your employees and put your target audience in control. With interactive digital signage you empower everyone to learn about your business, explore your exhibition, understand your solution and discover your products in a fun and simple way. Our mediaTOUCH tablet empowers you to create long lasting and compelling experiences that help strengthen customer interest, increase brand loyalty and quantify results. Now you can create gorgeous, highly functional apps for your audience and help them interact with your business, all thanks to mediaTOUCH. The mediaTOUCH tablet was designed to support both standard non interactive digital signage as well as a kiosk mode for an interactive digital experience. For digital signage, its easy to spread out mediaTOUCH tablets around your organization and allow for easy installation and quick setup. Just hang it on the wall, connect to a power source and begin offering digital signage for your customers and employees using a high quality 10.1" screen. If you are interested in kiosk & interactive digital signage solution, the mediaTOUCH is the perfect device as it delivers a battle tested touch screen solution that’s inexpensive and secure.

    Powered by Android

    custom Android OS for dedicated playback

    The Android OS installed was designed and developed by the MediaSignage team and operates consistently and reliably in public access environments. mediaTOUCH was engineered to lock down the device and prevent users from gaining access to the underlying Android OS. Sideswipes, task bars and global menus have been disabled and unnecessary tools and utilities removed from the OS. With the custom OS you will gain access to a powerful dedicated kiosk solution for a fraction of the cost of other touch platforms, all while delivering an amazing experience.


    Smooth Playback

    native app performance, but it's your app

    The mediaTOUCH video playback was optimized to run on the GPU consistently at 60 frames per second while freeing up the CPU. This means the device always remains cool and power consumption is kept to a minimum (no CPU overheating). The Video encoder supports MP4 and FLV and it will deliver HD quality video and audio in both kiosk and signage modes.

    Lightning quick

    ready to be amazed?

    The mediaTOUCH is powered by a quad core 1.8Ghz Rockchip 3288 Cortex A17 and optimized by our engineers so its optimized for GPU powered transitions, scrolls and animations. This will allow you to easily develop any application you like via StudioPro or StudioLite and achieve native app performance. In other words, you can expect super smooth scrolling, sliding, animations and touch response that will deliver an interactive digital experience that will impress your customers, assist your employees and deliver a high return on investment


    flawless user interface

    The mediaTOUCH tablet was engineered for the SignagePlayer and delivers uninterrupted, interactive digital signage experience to your business audience

    It was built from the ground up to work with our soft keyboard. By disabling the default Android keyboard we allow you to create a custom key entry solution that is embedded inside your interactive digital signage presentation.

    No more confusing keyboard that pops up and overlays the screen or keyboard, no more lock downs. With our own custom virtual keyboard your customers and guests will enjoy the consistent experience they deserve.

    Build your forms and customer input widgets using controls which were optimized to handle user interaction flawlessly using the mediaTOUCH tablet. This means no more blurry texts or a jumpy cursor, it just works every time, like its supposed to.

    stands on its own

    The commercial kiosk mount is a versatile, multi purpose secure enclosure designed to perfectly fit the mediaTOUCH tablet. It can be used as a 42” floor standing holder or as a wall mount. With the kiosk mount you will be able to securely install the mediaTOUCH tablet in public spaces while keeping your investment safe.

    This kiosk floor mount has a heavy weighted base to ensure the unit does not topple over. For extra precaution, this kiosk mount fastens the mediaTOUCH in place and gives business owners the option to screw the kiosk into the floor. In addition, the floor standing bracket locks the mediaTOUCH into place by screwing the fixture together. The best part is that with this kiosk mount unique locking enclosure, only the business owner will have physical access to access and manage the device,via a special wrench that’s included with your purchase

    Size: 14.0" x 42.0" x 14.0" Viewable wxh: 5.5" x 8.5" Base Diameter: 14.0" Weight: 9.5lbs Material: Steel, Aluminum Color: Black Placement Style: Floor Standing Orientation: Portrait, Landscape Rotating, Lockable Max. Device size: 7.0" x 10.0" x 0.5" Mount wxh: 8.5" x 11.3" x 0.75" design: kiosk lock down

    we can build it for you

    Bring your design ideas to life and watch your audience interact with your creations through the mediaTOUCH 10.1" tablet. You're busy, we know you have a business to run and don’t have time to learn how to create an engaging interactive digital signage app, we get it… so why don’t you let us do it for you. Let us create an amazing app for your business. We will even pre-register your mediaTOUCH with your account credentials. So literally all you have to do is unpack the mediaTOUCH, mount it up and you'll be ready to amaze your customers and employees.