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mediaCLOUD vs mediaSERVER

What’s the right solution for you?

mediaCLOUD is a cloud based Digital Signage (also known as SaaS or software as a service). It is a subscription based model that allows you to get UNLIMITED licenses for FREE. Each Player can be connected to one or more screens. All of your media files (videos, animations etc) are stored on our servers and stream down to each remote Player. The media files are locally cached on the remote Player so they do not depend on a constant internet connection. We also have the Enterprise edition which starts at $49.00 a month and gets you access to the more advanced features.

mediaSERVER is a privately hosted server solution. The server software and hardware are purchased and owned by you. All the licenses for the players are also owned & managed by you. With the mediaSERVER you do NOT pay a subscription fee; however there is an optional updates and support annual fee. The mediaSERVER is designed to deliver the same features as the mediaCLOUD, but in a privately hosted server. The mediaSERVER can be installed on any PC running Microsoft Windows 2016 Server.

mediaCLOUD is used by thousands of companies worldwide. You can open a FREE account on the mediaCLOUD right now. The mediaCLOUD is also known as SaaS or software as a service. With the mediaCLOUD you are able to web manage unlimited number of remote SignagePlayers.

at anytime you can easily migrate your account from the mediaCLOUD onto a private mediaSERVER. You will be able to use all of the media files and existing campaigns. So starting with a mediaCLOUD and moving to a mediaSERVER later, is a good option.

mediaSERVER is delivered in the form of a software download. The installation is optimized for Microsoft Windows 2016 compatible Server.

With the mediaSERVER you are able to manage as many remote SignagePlayer as the total number of licenses purchased.

mediaCLOUD vs mediaSERVER comparison chart

  mediaCLOUD mediaSERVER

Setup & configuration

Server setup --- Requires a dedicated Server Windows 2016 64 bit, 3 Static IPs, domain name prefix
Operate in a private network ---
Automatic software updates
Multi OS Player (Mac, Linux, Windows, Android)
Templates Library


Desktop version
Web version


Open source and API
Shared scenes library
FasterQ line management


Desktop version
Web version (unlimited FREE)
Mobile (Android / iOS)

Advanced features

Multi user management / ACL Enterprise edition
Branding / White Label Enterprise edition
mediaSTORE Enterprise edition
Advertising engine Enterprise edition
Server purchase price --- $895.00
SignagePlayer Licenses FREE / Unlimited between $135.00 - $195.00 per license depends on number of licenses purchased
License updates & support / per year FREE $39.00
per license / per year
Enterprise level features $49 - 299 a month Included

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