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enterprise screen manager

A better way to manage your large digital signage screen network

central management

StudioDashboard allows enterprise subscribers central management of their entire digital signage network including user control, live server status, network health reports, application management, user privileges control, screen GEO maps and more. Enterprise members can stay on top of their digital signage network while easing the management of any number of sub accounts.

track screens in real time

Stay on top of your screens with live tracker, receive up to date notifications when status changes, keep inventory of all your stations and push remote commands to individual players, all from the comfort of StudioDashboard.

add / remove apps

Centrally manage which applications your user can and cannot access. The App manager allows you to micro manage your customers and enforce a digital signage business model which caters to your own business needs.


access control& branding

Control your users and provide them with access only the sections of SignageStudio that you allow. You can even block specific features within each section using user privileges. StudioDashboard enables you to administrate your users with ease while providing the flexibility you demand. And best of all, you can brand the entire solution as your own, setup your logo, company details and even edit link backs; thus becoming truly your own digital signage solution.

If you are a FREE user, we highly recommend that you upgrade to the enterprise edition to receive all the benefits and features we have to offer including of course, StudioDashboard.

Enterprise StudioDashboard is powered by Google's Angular2 and it is available under the GPL V3 open license. It is 100% open source and can be forked directly on GitHub. Developers are welcome to create a fully customized version of StudioDashboard.

Source: Public
Docs: Maintained
License: GPL V3
Technologies: HTML5 / Angular2
Support: Community

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