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convert any TV screen into a kiosk touch screen

it's like magic, in just under 5 minutes, simply place the mediaFRAME over your existing screen, connect the USB cable to your SignagePlayer and get a kiosk that works flawlessly within 2 pixels of accuracy. Checkout the video.


transform your TV into a super sized tablet, now how cool is that...!

mediaFRAME | kiosk conversion kit

installs in under 5 minutes

due to high demand please allow 7-14 days for shipping

the mediaFRAME provides very high refresh rate thus allowing for faster touch response times and super smooth drag and drop and scroll motions. The mediaFRAME can detect that slightest touch thus offers extremely accurate position data with zero latency. Your audience will enjoy the same accurate experience with your Kiosk solution when using our touch components such as buttons, virtual keyboard, carousels and more; essentially converting any tv to a super sized tablet.

Installation takes minutes, the mediaFRAME assembles like lego, use the supplied adhesive to place it around your existing screen and connect the USB cable to your SignagePlayer; and that's it you are done!

You will enjoy an amazingly functional touch and kiosk experience for a fraction of the cost of a commercial touch screen

Because the mediaFRAME is powered via your SignagePlayer's USB port, it is energy efficient and does not require any special wiring or separate power source

  • size ranges from 32" to 60" (larger sizes are available for custom order)
  • super easy installation, ships with mounting adhesive and tools
  • no ghost dead points
  • energy efficient without sacrificing performance
  • tested and optimized to work with our SignagePlayer
  • supports all resolutions including 4K
  • works in vertical & horizontal modes

$229 - $319

live examples, see it in action

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