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connect your signage to hundreds of real life devices and services

Greet customers when they walk through the door, alert factory workers when a leak is detected, have your visitors interact with your screen via SMS or switch the presentation when a tweet is received, load specific timeline when a Facebook post is made... these are just a few of the 100's of things you can so with Digital Signage and IFTTT

No coding required, simply point and click and connect your screens to real world applications

Digital Signage & IFTTT (If This Then That)

IFTTT (which is an acronym for If This Then That) is a revolutionary service which allows you to connect to hundreds of services in a matter of seconds.

The number of categories you can integrate with are simply mind-boggling and include Appliances, Baby devices, Blinds, Blogging platforms, Bookmark utilities, Business tools, Calendars & scheduling, Clocks & displays, Cloud storage, Communication, Connected cars, Contacts, DIY electronics, Developer tools, Education services, Email services, Environment control & monitoring, Finance & payments, Gardening devices, Government services, Health & fitness, Journaling & personal data, Lighting devices, Location based, Machine learning, Mobile devices & accessories, Music, News & information services, Non-profits, Notes programs, Notifications tools, Pet trackers, Photo & video, Power monitoring & management, Restaurants & food, Routers & computer accessories, Security & monitoring systems, Shopping, Smart hubs & systems, Survey tools, Tags & beacons, Task management & to-dos, Television & cable, Time management & tracking, Travel & transit, Voice assistants and of course Weather.

Here are just a few use cases:

  • Use a Bluetooth BLE tag to present information when a customers is in close proxmity of your screen
  • Take advantage of motion sensors to change the presentation when a customer walks in
  • Allow customers to add text to the screen via SMS messages
  • In an emergency, send SMS or press a physical button to change the presentation & alert your audience
  • Create a touch screen kiosk and turn on lights and other IOT devices which correspond to user actions
  • Automate emergency sensors such as water leaks or fire alarms to notify employees
  • Add AirNow quality sensor and present its data in your signage
  • When an event occurs in social media (such as twitter) load a specific timeline
  • Create voice assistant powered signage with Amazon Echo, Microsoft Cortana, Google assistant or Apple Siri
  • & many many more...

Listen to real world events

- Update the SignagePlayer in real time from real world devices & services

- Use motion detector as an example for interacting with real world events

- Configure in under 5 minutes

Now you can connect to ANYTHING you want and integrate it directly into your signage presentation. A door buzzer, facebook page, a coffee machine, your local GPS tracking device or even the temperature right outside your office. The world of Internet of things just got a whole lot easier to work with thanks to IFTTT.

With our custom Signage component you get access to the wonderful world of IOT without needing any special skills, it's pretty amazing actually. It’s easy to work with familiar and relevant brands: from the latest bots and IoT, to the world’s most famous voice-activated assistant. With the power of IFTTT you can publish to a service, build Applets, and embed them directly in your digital signage presentation. You can even use our Kiosk to build an interactive digital signage presentation that's powered by our mediaTOUCH tablet, click buttons and drag sliders to control real world devices such as thermostats, coffee makers and hundreds of other products and services. Everything is SUPER easy to configure and works the first time around!

Checkout the video for more info

Ttrigger real world devices

- Push data from the SignagePlayer to real world devices & services

- Use outlet plug as an example for interacting with real world events

- Configure in under 5 minutes

The IFTTT supports hundreds of devices and services. In this example we demonstrate how you can very easily connect to the WeMo Smart Plug. Some possible use cases can be when a customer presses a button in an interactive digital signage presentation you can turn a light on to display a product on a shelf.

Another possibility is to give a store owner the ability to click the button within the WeMo mobile app and in turn switch the presentation to a particular timelime and at the same time turn on a related spinning motor on a display shelf.

The beauty of integrating IFTTT with Digital Signage is that you can create any type of automation you like and within minutes have it all connected to your screens.

Checkout the video for more info

Bidirectional comm. | IOT & SignagePlayer

- Send & receive data from SignagePlayer to real world devices & services

- Use SMS text messages as an example for interacting with real world events

- Configure in under 5 minutes

The IFTTT supports hundreds of cool hooks such as social media and web services. One useful setup is the ability to control the presentation with SMS. For example, a school principle can send an SMS in case of an urgent event and all the screens will display the text message. You can even allow employees to send text messages and create a running discussion board on the public screen. These are just some of the many things you can do with SMS, IFTTT and digital signage.

Checkout the video for more info

Arduino | low level configuration with IOT

- create custom programming using micro controllers

- for advanced users only

If you are looking for a much lower level control over you screens with programmable logic, you can checkout our Arduino examples. Arduino ( is an amazing prototyping platform that allows anyone with no special electronic skills to build a custom solution with a multitude number of sensors, relays and other gadgets and produce a specialized product that can send triggers and receive events through the SignagePlayer gateway. The Arduino Yun (aka the Arduino cloud) includes a second module that runs a lite version of the popular Linux operating system. The Linux side can communicate with the SignagePlayer socket server via HTTP post commands as well as communicate with the internal micro controller on the Arduino Yun to control sensors and switches. Thus the Arduino Yun is a perfect solution for anyone looking to create a fully customized IoT for their own business, or provide personalized IoT services to other businesses; all easily integrated with the mediaCLOUD Digital Signage network. Checkout the video tutorial to learn more about Arduino and MediaSignage.

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