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send simple http POST commands over the network and customize your Digital Signage message

With RemoteValues, you can easily send information over the network, to any label that is assigned within your digital signage presentation. This means that you can create endless custom solutions that display live data in real time, as the action happens.

Some of the solutions that have been successfully deployed by our customers include Telemarketing sales board, customer line queue counter, basketball score boards, live sales data boards, factory throughput analytic boards and many more.

The real beauty of RemoteValues is that you can programmatically create the business logic that is right for you, and display any data when, where and how you need it. This is done by sending a simple POST command to the appropriate label on the screen and setting its value remotely.

Take a look at the following video tutorials as well as the sample code that we provide on GitHub. In this example we created a working node.js server to host a customer line queue counter that is fully integrated into the rest of the Digital Signage presentation.

Video RemoteCounter Video RemoteValues

With the queue counter, employees control which number is being served, as well as provide your customers with the ability to scan a QR code on the Digital Signage screen and keep monitoring their status in line from a mobile device. This means that your customers do not have wait around, instead they can roam around and stay updated on their current position in line.

Once you understand how RemoteValues work, we are certain you will find great solutions for your business as well.

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