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The green robot does Digital Signage powered by the MediaSignage SignagePlayer, so now you have more possibilities on the go. Whether you want to demo your presentation to a potential client, or install a public Kiosk terminal, Android gives you all the options in a slick inexpensive tablet.

Android - it’s everywhere you look

The Android ecosystem has revolutionized the phone and tablet market. What’s more amazing is that Android is penetrating markets never before conquered, such as vehicle dashboards, home appliances, Smart TVs and other peripherals. Now what if you could build your Digital Signage presentation once, and have it run everywhere without making any special changes? Well with MediaSignage you absolutely can; make a change to your presentation once and have it propagate everywhere.

Android- now Digital Signage can sell itself

Do you sale Digital Signage to businesses? Well with the SignagePlayer for Android you can demo the actually presentation to a potential client. Selling anything is not easy, let alone Digital Signage. Explaining to a potential customer what Digital Signage can do for them has always been a real challenge and carrying around a hefty laptop is not ideal either. But now you can walk into a bushiness while holding a slick looking Android tablet, you will be able to play any presentation; both from the mediaCLOUD (over your 3g / 4g cell service) or from perviously cached campaigns. So now you can close the deal every time.

live examples, see it in action

Checkout live examples of Digital Signage presentations. The SignPlayer can run everywhere, on Android, Windows, Mac, iPad and even inside your web browser

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Find out why people call us “the world’s most popular digital signage platform”

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