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mediaTOUCH Digital Signage and Kiosk tablet with modified OS
supported by SignStudio & SignPlayer

mediaTOUCH, add kiosk and interactive digital signage to your business solution

choose from dozens of pre-made touch templates


Full screen | user disabled exit options | edge slide disabled

supports all OS with special focus on Android

Custom UI touch elements and widgets for Kiosk mode

ECO optimized tech for continuous playback, lower power and Watchdog

signage & touch

integrate the two worlds into one

Integrating digital signage with kiosks in the same business offers numerous benefits. It enhances customer service by providing self-service options, streamlining processes, and reducing wait times. The combination enables efficient operations, automates tasks, and frees up staff for more personalized interactions. Integrated digital signage and kiosks facilitate product discovery through interactive catalogs, while personalization and real-time updates improve customer engagement. The data collected through kiosks provides valuable insights for strategic decision-making, and consistent branding across the signage and kiosks reinforces the overall brand identity. This integration optimizes the customer experience, increases efficiency, and strengthens the business's market presence.

Enhanced customer engagement through interactive experiences - Improved brand awareness and effective communication of brand identity - Real-time content updates for timely and relevant information - Increased sales and revenue through influence on customer buying decisions - Enhanced customer experience with self-service options and educational content - Analytics and data insights for understanding customer behavior and preferences - Cost and time savings through reduced printing and distribution costs.


Customization that works

The SignStudio and SignPlayer offer a versatile solution for various business needs. Whether you want to integrate with a local point of sale system, design a customized scoreboard, or deploy an interactive digital menu board, these tools have got you covered. With a wide range of features including external database connectivity, customizable user interface widgets, and embedded social media components, you'll have the ability to create an engaging app that not only captivates your customers but also improves your business efficiency.

zero code touch

effortlessly create interactive digital content

The world's most popular zero code platform dedicated to the delivery of rich interactive digital experiences that connect audiences to physical spaces.


Touch that just works

ready to be amazed? stands as the epitome of the industry's utmost all-encompassing no-code platform, empowering users to effortlessly craft, deploy, manage, and gauge highly tailored, fully interactive digital content. This versatile platform seamlessly supports touch, gesture, sensors, voice, and a myriad of other inputs. You now have the freedom to deploy your imaginative creations in various settings - be it within your venues, on your websites, or even directly onto the personal mobile devices of your cherished customers, dedicated sales teams, esteemed visitors, or any other audience members you wish to engage.


60% reduction in development time

With, project teams can swiftly create functional prototypes, effortlessly introduce interactivity at the click of a mouse, seamlessly integrate enterprise data, and escape the tedious loop of testing thanks to its proven reliability.

Witness a remarkable transformation in change management, as's frequent and agile release cycle empowers you to speedily implement changes in mere minutes. Stakeholders are pleased, and project goals are met with ease as requests are accommodated on the fly and redeployed swiftly.

Not only does's efficiency lead to significant cuts in development time, but it also exerts a profound impact on project expenses. Embracing a straightforward seat-based license model, free from hidden service or per-project fees, costs remain predictable and remarkably low.

By offering an extensive array of touch widgets and impressive built-in animations, our platform enables you to create captivating solutions at a mere fraction of the cost compared to other alternatives.

the SignStudio

The SignStudio Composer, is a web-based software meticulously designed for crafting interactive experiences. Unleash your creativity by seamlessly integrating your unique media and exercising complete control over every pixel of the design. With no template limitations or obligations to rely on pre-built app libraries, you have the freedom to shape your vision precisely as you imagine it. Whether you're creating for a venue, a website, or mobile devices, rest assured that your work will remain consistent and identical across all platforms, providing a seamless and unified user experience.

Choose from dozens of pre-built, event driven touch templates

live templates

it's the Kiosk your business deserves and your customers expect...

Starting with a kiosk sample and personalizing it is a straightforward process due to its established foundation, clear objectives, and user interface guidelines.

The modular components and code structure in the sample make it easy to swap or modify elements while maintaining overall functionality. Customization involves identifying goals, adjusting styling to match branding, tailoring content, integrating new features, and thorough testing. Community support is available for assistance, and as you become more proficient, you can expand the kiosk's capabilities. This approach provides efficiency and direction, allowing you to quickly create a unique kiosk experience.

live examples, see it in action

Checkout live examples of Digital Signage presentations. The SignPlayer can run everywhere, on Android, Windows, Mac, iPad and even inside your web browser

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