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Digital Menu Board with QR

get your customer's appetite going

easily integrate with QR code so customers can scan on their mobile devices

Digital Menu boards | a sure way to increase your sales

Digital menu boards are now a common element in many eateries, bars and food courts as they increase sales while helping your customers visually see just how delicious your food is. When it comes to placing more orders, the verdict is in, digital menus for restaurants work as they increase the appetite of your customers when and where it matters, just before they place their orders. Considering that restaurant digital signage is a visual medium, it is simply a must-have for any restaurant.

QR integration

The scene editor will automatically generate a QR code for you so you can integrate it directly into your running menu presentation. You can even choose to download the QR as an image so you can print it onto a table-top stand, giving your customers different options to scan the QR and view your delicious menu.

Smart food items

The Scene editor can map food item entries to external data source using the JSON Player and JSON Viewer components. This will enable you to connect to an external data source such as point of sale system (POS) or remote database. Thus, you will be able to change the price or description of your products on the external data source and have propagate to all your Digital Menu boards automatically.

Manage different menu styles and dimensions

We support automatic screen adjustment, also known as responsive design. This means that you can create a digital menu board that fits any display. So if you plan on running full size TV screens with digital signage menu and still provide your customers with a web view as well as phone digital menu board, all that can easily be achieved with the Scene editor. Simply build your food menu presentation once and have it auto-scale to any screen format.

Start with a template and make it your own

The SignStudio comes with over 1000+ pre-made scenes, many of them designed specifically for restaurants / Digital Menu boards. Simply import your favorite scene, make changes, upload your images and logo and build an awesome looking digital menu board without having to hire a professional graphic designer. We even have pre-made Rich Label snippets so you can simply drag them onto the scene editor and create elaborate textual layouts without ever needing to align any labels or price items, it is super easy to get a great looking digital menu board in no time.

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