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from the mediaCLOUD to your own infrastructure

mediaSERVER software kit (includes mediaKEY)

Includes (1) year of support and unlimited software updates

MS-1500 mediaSERVER for Windows 2016 server$895.00

requires to also order at least a single license (or more depending upon number of screens) | part number MS-950: $195.00

Take advantage of all the features you love from the mediaCLOUD software as a service model, but within your own private network. So what does this all mean? Full control over your own data, manage thousands of screens locally or over the web, faster content downloads within the LAN and best of all, a seamless migration from the mediaCLOUD onto your own private mediaSERVER. When you order the mediaSERVER you will receive the mediaKEY which will auto install the complete software package on any Microsoft Windows 2016 Server 64 bit version. Supply any PC (hardware) with Microsoft Windows 2016 server 64 bit installed on it & get up and running in minutes.

What else do you need?

  • 3 static IPs (Internet addressable if you to host online)
  • 3 prefixed domains (i.e.: )
  • A PC / server running 2.5GHz Dual Core2 processor or better / 2GB memory / 750MB+ HDD
  • Windows 2016 Server 64 bit OS / English version
  • Install Microsoft IIS
  • Order at least 1 Player License (server does not include any Player licenses)
Licenses Price per license Discount
1 - 9 $195.00 0%
10 - 19 $175.00 10%
20 - 39 $156.00 20%
40 and up $136.50 30%

This products carries the standard warranty and return  policy

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