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it's the unlimited plan that gets you everything we have to offer

The mediaCLOUD Enterprise edition starts at only $49.00 a month and will give you access to the most advanced features we have to offer, so upgrade your account now. Of course the mediaCLOUD (non Enterprise edition) is completely FREE; and with it you get unlimited screens and pay nothing. If you haven’t done it already, go ahead and open your FREE account on the mediaCLOUD.  But, if you decide to upgrade to the Enterprise edition you will gain access to the more advanced features.

When you join the mediaCLOUD Enterprise edition you will be able to take full advantage of advanced features like branding, the mediaADNET, multi user and more. The Enterprise program is designed to maximize the potential growth of your business. MediaSignage provides all the necessary tools, so you can operate a successful and reliable Digital Signage network. As an Enterprise user you will gain access to the EnterpriseStudio with advanced management capabilities like central station and account management.

pricing levels:

With the Enterprise edition you only pay for the total number of active screens, and the system automatically adjusts your payment every billing cycle according to the total number of active screens you are using. The multi tier enterprise pricing ensures you get the lowest possible rate and even if you grow to thousands of screens in your network, you will not pay more than $299.00 a month.


no hidden fees - no setup cost - cancel anytime

    • 0 - 1
    • 2 - 9
    • 10 - 19
    • 20 - 39
    • 40 - 79
    • unlimited

    • $49.00 a month
    • $99.00 a month
    • $149.00 a month
    • $199.00 a month
    • $249.00 a month
    • $299.00 a month

The industry of Digital Signage is still young and many opportunities exist. Start your own network and build a solid foundation for a successful business on a solid product. The Enterprise edition is inexpensive, so now you can provide your own Enterprise level Digital Signage network while not breaking your bank.

We do not interfere with your business model. This means that you can OEM the software, distribute it, white label it, license it annually, sell it with service contracts or find other ways that will accommodate your business needs.

The bottom line is that we provide the tools that you need to make money and succeed. 
We do not consider ourselves your partner. Partners take shares in your profits; they are involved in your operations and have a say on how you run your business; instead we see ourselves as a company that is committed to your success as our business depends on it.

Enterprise edition - reseller advantage

The tiered pricing model has the benefit of providing you, a reseller of digital signage and kiosk services, a competitive advantage when offering digital services to your customers. For example if you reach a total of 80 screens in your digital signage network, you will automatically enter the unlimited plan of $299 a month. Your price per screen will be lower and lower as you grow (for example $299 / 150 screens = $1.99). Now If a regular customer owns less than 10 screens and signs up for the enterprise edition directly under MediaSignage Inc, their price would be $99 / 10 = $9.90 per screen per month. Thus, the pricing tier allows you to offer lower prices compared to us, and best of all enjoy high percentage profit margins.

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