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from the mediaCloud
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It’s all the software you LOVE, but in your own dedicated server.

With the mediaSERVER you can provide Digital Signage services to thousands of remote SignagePlayers through your own private network. Connect your SignagePlayers to your mediaSERVER over the LAN, VPN, WAN or across the Web. The mediaSERVER is different than the mediaCLOUD since you do not use the MediaSignage hosted servers, instead you use your own privately managed server. You will get the same features as the mediaCLOUD Enterprise edition but across your own network.

The mediaSERVER is as a software installation kit. You can install the mediaSERVER on any Microsoft Windows 2016 server 64 bit version that is pre-loaded with Internet Information Server 7+. Virtual server are compatible as long as they have a dedicated access to a single free USB port.

mediaSERVER requirements, pricing and feature set

Minimum requirements Details
Processor Intel Dual Core 2.7GHz
Memory 2GB DDR3
Operating system Microsoft Windows 2016 Server 64 bit
Delivery Direct downloads
Server purchase price $895.00 / single server
License purchase price between $130.00 & $195.00 / per license (volume discount)

Annual updates & support

Service update packs
New features & enhancements
Live support
License updates & support price $39.00 / per license / per year


Desktop version
Web version


Desktop version
Web / Embedded player
Android Player (coming)


Branding / White Label / Ad engine / ACL
* Server requirers that you purchase one year of updates & support (SLA).
** Additional years are optional.

mediaSERVER - Installation

The mediaSERVER software provides the solution to get you up and running in a matter of hours, not days. Best of all, you can install it on any server you like. Select your favorite Windows 2016 64 bit server configuration with IIS7, insert the quick installation kit, go through the setup process and get ready to enjoy a product that has set the industry standard for delivering a rock-solid digital signage solution.


live examples, see it in action

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